Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Limited Edition (Blue Board) Wood Shaft

MSRP: $236.95

The new generation Diamana shafts features Mitsubishi‰۪s signature smooth lend profile with a balanced stiffness on both ends. The Diamana S+ incorporates a slighter stiffer mid and butt section than the original Diamana S Series for enhanced feel.


All shafts are only available in a 0.335 tip size.åÊ


Please allow an extra 1-2 days for processing.


@10 mm/inches
Diamana䋢 S+ 62 X 46.0 67 0.335 0.610 3.7 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 62 S 46.0 64 0.335 0.605 4.5 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 62 R 46.0 64 0.335 0.602 5.4 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 72 X 46.0 74 0.335 0.596 3.4 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 72 S 46.0 73 0.335 0.600 4.0 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 82 X 46.0 84 0.335 0.600 3.0 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 82 S 46.0 83 0.335 0.600 3.6 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 92 X 46.0 91 0.335 0.600 2.7 MID
Diamana䋢 S+ 102 X 46.0 102 0.335 0.600 2.6 MID

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