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Left-Hand Clubs

  • Alpha RX-1 Iron

    Alpha RX-1 Iron

    The Ultimate in Forgiveness The RX-1 benefits from a super deep cavity back, wider sole, and slightly oversized face.  The result is an iron that...

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  • RM-5 Hybrid

    RM-5 Hybrid

    Easy-to-hit, Easy to love! The Silver Diamond RM-5 utility wood (driving iron) provides lots of distance, yet are much EASIER to hit than long iron...

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  • Alpha RX Low Pro Fairway Wood

    Alpha RX Low Pro Fairway Wood

    A Wood for All Fairways A smooth frictionless sole provides the foundation for faster shots. The main feature of the RX Low Pro however is it's si...

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  • Big S Iron

    Big S Iron

    The Big "S" iron features a deep cavity back profile with enhanced heel-toe weighting.  This iron is more forgiving and straighter than you could ...

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  • T-Steel Hybrid

    T-Steel Hybrid

    The powerful T-Steel hybrid makes it easy to shoot longer down the fairway. High MOI elements make your shots straighter with minimal dispersion. ...

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  • MDC Tour Blade Iron

    MDC Tour Blade Iron

    The MDC Tour irons are constructed with a low center of gravity, making the irons solid and stable at impact. Its modern shaped blade design allow...

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  • T-Steel Fairway Wood

    T-Steel Fairway Wood

    The T Steel Fairway Wood is the ultimate in metal wood performance and feel. Crafted from 17-4 Stainless steel, these woods deliver greater ball v...

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  • Alpha C830.2 Plasma Driver

    Alpha C830.2 Plasma Driver

    Looking for Distance? Here it is.  The unrelenting C830.2 Plasma driver is what driving is all about. Whether you're looking to out-drive your we...

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  • Alpha RX Launch Driver

    Alpha RX Launch Driver

    Launch it Straighter, Launch it Farther. The new Launch series exemplifies the simplicity of performance-based engineering. A super wide body move...

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  • (Closeout) Pure Metal Undercut Iron

    (Closeout) Pure Metal Undercut Iron

    This iron features a distinctive deep cavity design and smooth satin finish for a classic look. It has a large striking area, which increases shot...

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  • Alpha PF-2C Wedge

    Alpha PF-2C Wedge

    **This is a discontinued item. All sales are final.** Softness for True Customization Incredibly soft and smooth, the PF-2C wedges are the perfect ...

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  • Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver

    Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver

    Straighter Drives are Here Looking for a little help with slicing?  The RSP Launch is your answer.  Annoying slices can be the result of an outsi...

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  • Alpha RX460 Carbon Driver

    Alpha RX460 Carbon Driver

    Launch it Straighter, Launch it Farther. Hitting off-center shots normally create uncontrolled hooks or slices. The RX 460 Carbon driver however fe...

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  • GX-1 Fairway Wood

    GX-1 Fairway Wood

    Closeout Sale This is a closeout item. All sales are final. Forgiveness and Driving Distance Constructed using high quality 17-4 Steel with...

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  • Alpha Response Offset Carbon Driver

    Alpha Response Offset Carbon Driver

    Launch it Straighter, Launch it Farther.  The swing path is the main contributor of the slice. But if you look closer, it’s caused by the tangentia...

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  • SQX Fairway Wood

    SQX Fairway Wood

    The SQX line is in a class all it's own. With massive MOI to boast and extreme ball speed on impact, this fairway wood will surely turn heads with ...

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