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For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:
For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:


Looking for answers?  See below for some frequently asked questions:


Where can I try Alpha products?

Alpha products are carried by our Alpha dealers located around the world. You can search for a Alpha Golf professional club-fitter and dealer here


How can I become an Alpha dealer?

Our Alpha dealers are all reputable businesses and professional club-fitters that have a healthy interest in promoting Alpha products. To become one, please fill out this form with your company name, phone number, number of years in business, and we'll start a dialogue on how we can begin working together.


Can I buy Alpha clubs directly from the headquarters?

We recommend purchasing our products through our dealers.  If there are no Alpha dealers in your area, you can call us directly to place an order : 1-818-725-9720


Can I customize the length of my driver?

Yes, you can. All club-fitters will customize your driver length for you.  


What is the loft for "HL" or "ATM"?

"HL" and "ATM" means you can specify any loft between 13 and 15 degrees.


Is it possible to order a set of clubs with the lies already adjusted?

Yes, we can customize your iron lie angles.  There is a small labor charge for this customization.  Please call us directly to place an order and specify what adjustments you'd like the lie to be for each club.


What makes Alpha clubs perform so well?

Alpha clubs are not designed based on marketing messages nor do they incorporate the latest hype just to garner interest. They are built based on simple yet effective design mechanisms stemming from the fundamental principles of physics and material science engineering. In short, sometimes simple is better.


Are there professional golfers that play with Alpha clubs?

Yes. Alpha clubs are played by players on the PGA, Nationwide, Champions Tour and the Long Drive Tours.  If you look closely, you will see Alpha clubs being played at almost every major event.


Do Alpha clubs conform with USGA standards?

Yes. Every Alpha product is designed to and conforms to all USGA standards.


What is the warranty policy for my Alpha product?

Alpha Golf warrants all of its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) full year from the date of purchase. If for any reason any defects should occur as a result of normal use during this time period, the club can be returned to its place of purchase and will be repaired or replaced at no cost.   This warranty is valid only for clubs purchased and returned to an authorized Alpha Golf dealer. Products not purchased from an authorized Alpha Golf dealer will not be protected by this warranty.  Any damage to the sole, crown, or hosel of the club voids this warranty.  Except where prohibited, this is the sole warranty and excludes all others either expressed or implied. Any club that is purchased from Ebay or is altered in any way voids this warranty.    


Returns/Exchange Information

Contact your Authorized Alpha dealer for a returns merchandise authorization.  The return shipment must include original packaging and be in new condition. Returns must arrive to the fulfiller within 30 days of the original purchase date.  


What are the Tip Diameters for Alpha heads?

Drivers & Fairway woods have a tip diameter of 0.335.  Hybrids, Irons, and Wedges have a tip diameter of 0.370


What is the tip weight used to measure Alpha shaft CPM's?

A 260g head weight is used on iron shafts and 205g on wood shafts.  The spans are 40" for woods and 35" for irons.  See our frequency measurement technique.