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For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:
For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:

Alpha Graphite Shafts

Alpha Graphite Shafts feature performance-boosting 360° frequency matched specifications. This means less dispersion and more accuracy regardless of how you align you shaft. Your Alpha graphite shaft is also backed by an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty.  Read more about each shaft and what they have to offer for your game.

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Absolute Accuracy

Playing with accuracy on the course means finding a shaft that is consistent, powerful, and perfectly balanced for your swing. With one swing of your club, the centrifugal force of your club head can pull and twist the shaft in all different directions. Your downswing culminates in an explosive release of momentum. If you’re playing the right shaft, not only will maximum energy be transferred to the
ball, this release will happen exactly at the point of impact. On the course, playing the right shaft can efficiently harness and direct the power of
your swing, making more accurate and longer drives possible.

360° Frequency-Calibrated

When the wall thickness of a shaft lacks consistency, the heavier side of the shaft will be stiffer than the lighter side. This contributes to imbalance and frequency deviation and results in uncontrolled shot dispersion. When the mandrel lacks perfect straightness the shaft will vary in stiffness and give way to different frequency readings at different orientations. Precise wall thickness and shaft straightness will ensure tight 360° frequency matching along every point on the shaft. No matter what your swing speed is, playing with a 360° frequency matched
shaft can greatly increase your accuracy and power transfer.
Every Alpha shaft is designed to be perfectly 360° frequency calibrated along every point on the shaft. When analyzing the impact of your club with the ball, the following parameters must be dictated exactly to achieve your optimal shot:

  • Orientation
  • Acceleration & Velocity
  • Location

Without a proper analysis from an authorized fitting professional, you may find that any one of these factors can contribute to uncontrolled shot dispersion. It’s not enough to play with the right flex. Making sure your shaft is 360° frequency calibrated along with choosing a proper torque and shaft weight for your swing can greatly increase your accuracy and desired trajectory.

Technology & Craftsmanship

Alpha graphite shafts are meticulously crafted filament-wound hoops of carbon using only top quality graphite fibers from Japan. The carbon is hand-picked for its extremely high tensile strength, exacting weight specifications, and low thermal expansion. Consistency in flex and torque are trademarks of Alpha shafts. But what exactly makes the shafts superior?
31 different layers of graphite prepreg are used and applied to the mandrel by CNC machinery for uniform placement. Unlike all other shafts which are tested only at the end of the entire process, the weight of each layer of fiber is checked every 5 cm to ensure the highest accuracy all the way through. The mandrel is rechecked after each layer is added for straightness and expected dimension. Exhaustive quality
assurance is done during the grinding and finishing stages for both weight and frequency.
After the shaft is placed in a 550° F oven for curing, the shaft is tested for exact torque along 5 equidistant points. Instead of just testing at the tip and butt like all other shafts, we make sure the mid-section torque falls within our tight tolerance. This exacting procedure of performance testing ensures that no matter where and how you swing you are playing the most accurate and consistent shaft ever created.

Lifetime Guarantee

Every Alpha shaft is backed by our unsurpassed Performance Lifetime Guarantee. If ever your shaft breaks or wears in performance, we will exchange it for a brand new one at no cost. We believe we’ve designed the best performing shafts on the market and we stand by our quality 100%.