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For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:
For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:

Golf Pride - What's New for 2019

For 2019, Golf Pride has released these long awaited new products:


Available in Standard and Midsize, the Tour Velvet PLUS4 piggybacks on the success of Golf Pride's flagship product, the Tour Velvet. With a medium firm feel, moderate traction, and simple/clean design, the PLUS4 now incorporates a reduced taper profile which allows players to reduce their grip pressure and increase overall control through their swing. In addition to the Tour Velvet, the MCC grips are also available in PLUS4 style. Shop all Golf Pride PLUS4 grips here.


Available in both Standard and Midsize, the Z-Grip ALIGN adds the recent Golf Pride ALIGNMENT technology to the firmest grip in the line-up. Ideal for tour and advanced players, the Z-Grip Cord grips provides ample traction, all-weather performance, and now ALIGN (raised ridge) features which gives players a key method for consistent hand placement. This is the newest ALIGN grip to be added to the collection, which includes the MCC Classic, MCC Plus4, and Tour Velvet styles. Shop all Golf Pride ALIGN grips here.


Now there are 3 SNSR putter styles to choose from - Straight, Contour, and the NEW Contour PRO. The SNSR Contour PRO is a more pronounced profile putter grip, providing an ergonomically sculpted shape that provides consistent hand placement and a slightly back-offset upper hand (see the differences between all SNSR profiles here). This allows discerning players who prefer a more offset placement to putt with confidence. Shop all Golf Pride SNSR Putter grips here.