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For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:
For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:

Lamkin Fingerprint Technology - Everything You Need to Know

We've been working with Lamkin as a distribution partner for almost a decade now, and we've never been more excited about their new grip technology. At the heart of it is a new collection of grips that are more tacky AND more durable than anything currently offered in the market. Lamkin has developed their proprietary "Fingerprint Technology" allowing you to grip your clubs with less pressure (while still maintaining excellent contact) AND last much longer than any traditional rubber grip.

All the Lamkin Grips that feature Fingerprint Technology work to help your hands easily grip the club (think performance racing tires gripping the road) without having to apply much pressure. And equally as important, these grips never fade in color, texture, or feel because they are 100% UV resistant.

Genesis material is in at the heart of Fingerprint Technology, and its a revolutionary new rubber/polymer blend that is UV resistant, yet tacky and comfortable to the touch. 


Here's a breakdown of all the new Lamkin Grips that feature their Fingerprint Technology:



Encapsulated in the Sonar collection are various styles of grips to choose from. The Original SONAR is a medium soft grip, featuring its signature Fingerprint Technology for comfortable traction and feel. Next is the Sonar Wrap (the FIRST ever UV resistant wrap-style grip - coming soon!), which has the same tackiness and softness as the original Sonar, but with a preferred wrap style look and feel. Both the Sonar and Sonar Wrap come in a "reduced taper" profile, giving the lower hand a slightly wider diameter to grip, which reduces grip pressure and increases control. Lastly, we have the Sonar TOUR (also coming soon!), which is a traditional taper grip that has a firmer (think cord-like) feel.

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The TS1 is a tour preferred firm grip, also featuring Fingerprint technology for performance contact. Available in both Standard and Midsize "reduced taper" profiles for a larger lower hand diameter that gives unparalled control.

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The new Lamkin SINK FIT putter grips offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of different players. First off, the collection is divided into 2 main categories: Rubber and PU (Polyurethane). We're going to focus on the Rubber options here, since it utilized Fingerprint Technology. Great surface tack, and unparalled durability (UV protection), means these putter grips will last and you'll reach for them again and again. The Rubber putter grips come in 3 styles: Skinny Pistol, Pistol, and Straight. FYI - the PU options are lighter in weight, and available in a Pistol and Straight version as well. 

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