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2Thumb OG LITE 35 Putter Grip

  • Ergonomic non-tapered putter grip by 2Thumb
  • Allows multiple hand placement options
  • Better alignment + consistency
  • RA & USGA Approved 



L279 mm × W35 mm × D26 mm
Weight 60 grams
Material EVA Core with PU Ultra Tac wrap
Colours Black, White

Core size: 0.580"



The OG LITE 35 is an incredibly versatile grip that will accommodate all of todays gripping styles, from Conventional, Claw, Left hand low, Prayer etc..

It's non-tapered design will help promote even grip pressure across both hands and by doing so reducing potential wrist action.

The smooth soft-touch almost flat front will aid consistent grip alignment while our Dimax technology will deliver traction when needed down both sides of the grip and a smooth soft-touch front, both design to help you sink more putts.