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JumboMax JMX ArmLock 21" Putter Grip



  • Ultra-tacky long 21" putter grip (ideal for "arm-lock" putting style)
  • Eliminates wrist break through putting stroke
  • Slightly tapered oversized putter grip
  • Rounded bottom, wide, flat top surface
  • Available Colors: Red/White/Blue, White/Black/Silver, White/Black/Blue


Material Rubber polymer
Core size 58 Round
Weight 147g
Length 21"
Outside diameter Oversize (1.25" x 1" at butt end, tapering to .930" x .895")



The JumboMax JMX ArmLock 21 putter grip from JumboMax® is a slightly oversized, pistol shape grip allowing you to easily lock the putter shaft against your forearm. The oval "pistol" shaped bottom and sides perfectly conform to your fingers for a relaxed, tension-free grip. Also ideal for long "belly" style putters.

The JMX ArmLock 21 features a twist-resistant, high-energy transfer core and an ultra-tacky polymer exterior surface for enhanced feel and traction in a variety of weather conditions.

JumboMax Grips fit your hands better for superior surface contact and a tension-free grip which gives you better feel on putts of all lengths. JumboMax Grips can quickly and dramatically improve the way you play the game of golf. Our tests show that most golfers prefer and benefit from the feel and playability of oversized grips. Once you try them you'll never want to use a skinny golf grip again.

  • Eliminates wrist break through putting stroke by locking against the forearm.
  • 21 inch "pistol" shape oval profile.
  • Conforms to USGA Rules.
  • 1.25" x 1" at butt end, tapering to .930" x .895".
  • Ultra-tacky, textured polymer outer layer for superior grip in all conditions.
  • 147 grams.
  • .580 inch core fits most standard putter shafts, for use with long, arm-lock or belly style putters.