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Lamkin SINK FIT Polyurethane SQUARE TOP Putter Grip



  • Unique accentuated square top pistol putter grip
  • Fingerprint polyurethane sleeve for soft traction feel
  • Provides stability and balance
  • Parallel shape with undersize ridge for proper hand placement
  • Polyurethane material tackiness and lightweight performance


Material  Polyurethane
Core size 58 Round
Weight 90g
Outside diameter Midsize



With the innovative SINK FIT Polyurethane SQUARE TOP putter grip, the parallel sides and square top enhances “down-the-line” stroke control promoting squaring the putter face at impact.

The putter is used more than any club in the bag, so helping golfers find a flatstick that works for their individual games is paramount to success on the course. Lamkin is dedicated to helping our retail partners provide the best service for their customers, which is why we developed a complete range of grip shapes, surface textures and weight characteristics to provide every golfer a perfect fit using our putter grip fitting guide and putter grip fitting system.