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Lamkin Sonar Wrap with CALIBRATE Standard+ Grip

by Lamkin
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  • Medium-firm¬†"Fingerprint Technology" tacky grip
  • Calibrate (Green spine) alignment for consistent hand placement
  • Micro-texture surface for control
  • All-weather durability + UV resistant
  • Logo-down design
  • Mid "control zone" for consistent grip contact
  • Reducted¬†taper profile
  • Available Colors: Black with green "Calibrate" spine



Material Hybrid rubber compounds
Core size 60 Reminder
Weight 53g
Outside diameter Standard



For golfers who prefer the feel of wrap style grips and looking for innovative technology designed to help their game the Sonar Wrap Calibrate is the first and only wrap grip featuring reminder technology promoting consistent hand placement and greater control of the club. A solid performer in all-weather conditions, the Sonar Wrap Calibrate is made from Lamkin’s proprietary Genesis Material plus Fingerprint Technology to provide a tacky feel with excellent traction.

- Calibrate Technology delivers a more pronounced and conforming reminder grip, providing golfers optimal hand placement, club face awareness, and control

- Genesis Material provides a solid feel that maintains tackiness in any weather and is exceptionally durable

- Fingerprint Technology distributes intricate and highly detailed micro textures on the grip surface, providing comfortable high-traction for greater confidence with lighter grip pressure- Straighter reduced-taper profile offers a slightly larger lower hand to promote lighter grip pressure for greater consistency and control