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Nippon N.S. Pro Zelos 7 **HYBRID** Steel Shaft

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  • Easy to swing ultra-lightweight **HYBRID** steel shaft
  • Low-torque
  • Low kick-point
  • High balance and control
  • Uniform quality control specifications


Flex Weight (g) Torque Tip Dia. But Dia. Length
R 81.5 2.9 .355" / .370" .570" 41"
S 85.5 2.8 .355" / .370" .570" 41"



The Zelos 7 Hybrid shaft is a 41" length steel shaft that maintains the properties of the world's lightest N.S. PRO. and is an excellent match for all the N.S. PRO and Zelos 7 shaft lines.

N.S. PRO ZELOS 7 is designed with a low kick point and evenly distributed rigidity, which delivers more than ample flexibility from tip to butt. As the world's lightest steel shaft, ZELOS7 is easy to handle with an extremely smooth swing and gentle touch, combined with the exact swing characteristics of a graphite iron shaft model.

N.S. PRO ZELOS 7 employs newly developed, cutting-edge, high-intensity NZNS60 material that outperforms all other patented materials used in N.S PRO competitors steel shafts. In fact, it delivers the smooth control and performance of high-carbon material. The superior performance of its newly developed material contributes to a more stable swing and definitive impact.

Nippon steel shafts apply a uniform quality control process that allows each specification to be met with minimal tolerance. This starts with the tube production to tapering, heat treatment, plating and testing. Raw material inspection and an integrated quality assurance process means you're playing with top quality steel and there's no guessing on performance specifications.