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Project X LS (Low Spin) Steel Shaft (0.355" tip)

  • Low-trajectory, low spin steel shaft
  • Ideal for fast temp swings
  • Ultra stable and stiff design
  • Progressive weight profiles
  • Available in Chrome finish


Project X LS Steel shafts are butt-trim to length only



Flex Weight (g) Tip Dia. But Dia. Length
X (7.0) 130 .355" .600" 36.5-40.5"
X (6.5) 125 .355" .600" 36.5-40.5"
S+ (6.0) 120 .355" .600" 36.5-40.5"



Project X LS started as an engineering concept to create a shaft to best suit the increasingly stronger golfer. The new era of elite-level golfers are stronger, more athletic and faster than ever, and because of this, they naturally create more launch and spin. With this in mind, we tasked our engineers with one thing—to create the lowest launching and spinning steel golf shaft on the market. The result was a shaft that launched a degree lower and spun up to 500 rpm less than its predecessor. Project X LS (Low Spin) is the next evolution of the original Project X. It features an ultra-stable and stiff design that minimizes spin while providing a tight feel to keep up with even the strongest swingers on Tour. LS also features a unique brushed chrome finish that reduces glare and gives Project X LS a distinct look.