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For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:
For phone order/inquiries, please call: 1-818-725-9720 or e-mail:

ProPlay Golf Club FACE & Ball Cleaning Wipes

by ProPlay
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$4.99 - $14.95
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  • Keeps your clubs and balls performing like new
  • Removes sweat and dirt
  • Resealable pack - 18 wipes per pack



- 18 wipes per pack

- Convenient resealable pack

- ProPlay Grip Cleaning Wipes will not damage your clubs or equipment. Skin Safe.



Save your towel to wipe your face! These handy, easy-to-use non-scented wipes are a superior substitute when it comes time to clean your golf ball and clubheads. Dispatch the dirt and leave your equipment pristine and ready to achieve maximum results.


Clean as you play, anytime, anywhere.

We love to play golf, but golf can be dirty...

Let’s face it, while the game is played on manicured courses, we play outdoors on grass, in dirt, through mud and in sand. Our golf balls and golf clubs get dirty. The essence of the sport is to relax and have fun, yet we must keep pace. That is exactly why we created ProPlay cleaning wipes, designed to quickly and conveniently clean as we play.

Everyone can relate to looking at a dirty ball after playing a hole. Everybody wants to start the next hole fresh, with confidence, optimism, and to top it all off, a nice clean ball. Nobody enjoys teeing up a dirty ball. This exact experience and reason gave birth to the creation of ProPlay cleaning wipes. Our products can solve all your dirty needs on the golf course.

We have conceptualized wipes that address the need for cleanliness on the golf course as you play. Our quick and easy to use wipes were created specifically to wipe balls clean, remove grass, sand or mud from the clubface and strip a golf club grip clean of oil and residue. Our products are packaged in a resealable pouch for long lasting use and quick accessibility on the course.

Visually, there is a stong similarity between ProPlay wipes and baby wipes. The packaging and wipe may appear to be similar, but the liquid formulation is different. ProPlay wipes are unscented and do not contain oils, aloe, or glycerin. Most baby wipes contain these ingredients in their formulation, which golfers wouldn’t want on their hands or grips and have an offensive odor. While we deploy similar peel open, reseal packaging and large cloth wipes (5.5”x 8.5”) please don’t equate the two items as equal.