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T-Steel Fairway Wood

 IMPORTANT: This is for the club head ONLY. If you are you looking to purchase a fully assembled club, please contact us to for more information.


The T Steel Fairway Wood is the ultimate in metal wood performance and feel. Crafted from 17-4 Stainless steel, these woods deliver greater ball velocity on off-center hits, resulting in consistently longer shots. The T Series Fairway woods also feature a unique sole design that allows it to perform well from the most difficult of lies.


RH Lofts 15° (#3) 18° (#5) 21° (#7)
LH Lofts
15° (#3)
18° (#5)
21° (#7)
Lie 57° 58° 59°
Face Angle
Volume 202cc 180cc 160cc
Weight 210g 220g 230g
Face Height 33mm 33mm 33mm


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