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Lamkin Sink FIT Rubber Putter Grip

  • "FingerPrint Technology" texture putter grip (learn more)
  • UV resistant for durability
  • High-performance tackiness
  • Responsive feel
  • 3 Shapes/Size to choose from: Skinny Pistol, Pistol, Straight



Material Synthetic rubber
Core size 58 Round (Skinny Pistol / Trad. Pistol), 60 Round (Straight)
Weight 70g (Skinny Pistol), 120g (Trad. Pistol), 114g (Straight)
Outer diameter Standard (Skinny Pistol), Midsize (Trad. Pistol and Straight)



Great surface tack, and unparalled durability (UV protection), means the Lamkin SINK FIT Rubber putter grips will last and you'll reach for them again and again. The Rubber putter grips come in 3 styles: Skinny Pistol, Pistol, and Straight.

The Sink Fit Skinny Pistol features a distinctive contoured shape along with maximum responsiveness and feedback.

The Sink Fit Traditional Pistol offers an ergonomic-inspired profile fueled by a unique contoured shape and Fingerprint Technology. This is the most popular putter grip shape to encourages proper hand positioning.

The Sink Fit Straight provides a distinctive contoured shape that encourages lighter grip pressure and a smoother putting stroke.